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About Us


Key Technology ( China ) Limited

About Us:


Key Technology was established in 2006, which is a company specializing in providing vandal proof waterproof IP65/IP66/IP67/IP68 industrial/medical/marine/vehicle/rugged computer keyboard/keypad/trackball/touchpad Etc.


Key Technology China Limited’s customers include Finance, Aerospace, Chemicals/Petro, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Telecom/Media, High Technology, Transportation-Automotive, Manufacturing, Utilities & Resources, Pulp and Paper - Government/Defense, Universities and Academia, Museums/Public Displays and Miscellaneous industries.


Active, positive, and team spirit is a special attribute of the people in Key Technology China Limited. The principle of business is based on Righteousness, Integrity, Diligence and Thrift, which stands as our guideline of conduct in the future. By doing so, Key Technology China Limited is moving towards a global technology firm with an optimistic and long future.



Durable Design:
-Ideal for applications in the harshest conditions.

-Our products meet NEMA 4, 4X and IP 65 and IP68 specifications, making them vandal proof, resistant to dust, dirt, water and corrosive liquids.

--Designs that exceed requirements for ISO certification to ensure quality control among manufacturing standards.

-Indestructible Industrial Keyboards and Pointing Devices are long lasting and stand up in harsh environments where your typical office grade peripherals will not survive.

-An ability to withstand extreme temperatures that permits function in freezers, heat-sensitive areas, and other severe environments.

-All the input devices are plug-and-play compatible with Windows operating systems, MAC OS9/OSX and require no special drivers.

--Any language layouts are available to accommodate international customers.
-Customizable function keys that provide flexibility for specialized applications.

-Low-profile keys that allow for efficient cleaning, reduced disinfection time and protection against cross contamination.
-Backlit keys that allow employees to optimize performance while working in low-light environments.
-Polycarbonate and stainless steel cases available to meet custom preferences.
-Small footprint designs that increase mobility.

-Standard mounting patterns that fit most keyboard mounts for easy integration into existing systems.
-More specialized features that cater to our kiosk/ATM, medical, military, emergency response, industrial and material-handling end users.


Getting to Know US
1. 18 years history (since 2006) 
3. Products covered over 160 countries in Global market
4. Focus on Rugged Computer/Industrial/Vehicle/Medical/Marine Keyboards & Pointing Devices
5. Fast reponse, professional technical consultant thanks to experienced engineers
6. Attend to global exhibitions every year








  • China Factory - Key Technology ( China ) Limited
  • China Factory - Key Technology ( China ) Limited
  • China Factory - Key Technology ( China ) Limited
  • China Factory - Key Technology ( China ) Limited
  • China Factory - Key Technology ( China ) Limited

Basic Information

Company Name: Key Technology ( China ) Limited
Business Type: Manufacturer
Employee Number: 50~100
Year Established: 2006
Total Sales Annual: 3,000,000-5,000,000
Company Location: B703, Building 1, Tianan Cyber Park, Huang Ge North Rd, Longcheng Subdistrict, Long Gang District, ShenZhen,Guang Dong, P.R.China
Factory Location: Floor 7, Building S8, Fenggang Tianan Cyber Park, No. 208 Fenggang Section, Dongshen Road, Fenggang Town, DongGuan City, Guang Dong Province, P.R. China

Trade & Market

Company slogan:

Key Technology (China) Limited

Key Technology China Limited was established in 2006, which is specializing in full design/ customization/ manufacturing all kinds of vandal proof and IP65/IP67/IP68 waterproof keyboard/keypad, trackball/touchpad for 18 years that are mainly targeted for harsh environments of industrial/medical/rugged laptop/marine/vehicle/coal and mine etc. applications. 
Vandal Proof    Rugged structure
Waterproof     Dustproof

OEM Overview:

Key Technology (China) Limited has a pool of engineers who have professional Engineers, who have been working in the industry for over than 16 years.
Here are the steps for new product development.
1, Understanding customer's concepts
2, Building tooling/mould
3, Prototyping
4, Mass production
5, Products Delivery
6, Technical support and after-sale service

Production Line:

Key Technology (China) Limited has the following production lines and workshops:

1,Tooling department that are for plastic mold,silicone mold and die cast mold.

2,Workshops for plastic injection,molding silicone parts and die-casting parts.

3,Workshops for stainless steel parts and sheet metal.

4,Assembly workshops for assembling keyboard,keypad,trackball,touchpad


Key Technology (China) Limited invests heavily in recruiting and keeping experienced engineers,creating a harmonious working environment for them,providing necessary training to them.

Our Team:




1, In 2006, Key Technology China Limited was founded , and focus on oversea markets with professional durable input devices.
2, In 2007, manuacturer with production facilities and production lines was ready with factory sites located in XinBao Hui Building, Nanshan District, ShenZhen.
3, In May 2009, Key Technology China Limited bought independent property rights office room  with about 1000 square meters about totally US$ 2.50 million, sited located in Tian Cyber Park, Long Gang District, ShenZhen.
4, Oct. 18-22, 2009, Key Technology China Limited attended Gitex Dubai 2009 as exhibitor.
5, Mar. 01-Mar. 06, 2010, Key Technology China Limited attended CeBIT 2010 as exhibitor.
6, June 01-June 05, 2010, Key Technology China Limited attended Computex Tai Pei 2010 as exhibitor.
7, In 2010, Key Technology China Limited successfully develop IP68 dynamic washable optical trackball and laser trackball protected by patent.
8, Mar. 01-Mar. 06, 2011, Key Technology China Limited attended CeBIT 2011 as exhibitor.
9, May 31-June 04, 2011, Key Technology China Limited attended Computex Tai Pei 2011 as exhibitor.
10, In 2011, Key Technology China Limited successfully develop military level keyboards.
11, Mar. 06-Mar. 10, 2012, Key Technology China Limited attended CeBIT 2012 as exhibitor.
12, June 27-June 29, 2012, China International Self-service and vending system exhibition as exhibitor.
13, Aug. 21-23, 2012, SZCEC and EMBEDDED EXPO as exhibitor.
14, Dec. 01, 2012, Key Technologyg moved to all new factory with site 5000 meter squares.
15, In 2012, Key Technology China Limited successfully develop IP68 dynamic washable optical trackball and laser trackball protected by patent.
16, Sep. 04-Sep. 07, 2013, China International Self-service and vending system exhibition as exhibitor.
17, In 2013, Key Technology China Limited successfully develop IP65 dynamic washable metal keyboards protected by patent, which were widely used for outdoor applications, and with dynamic liquids condtions.
18, In 2013, Key Technology China Limited successfully develop IP65 dynamic washable industrial level ruggedized membrane keyboards protected by patent, which were widely used for medical ,food, oil etc applications, where there is with dynamic liquids conditions.

19. In 2014, Key Technology China Limited successfully develop IP66 dynamic waterproof metal keyboard which suitable for outdoor applications.

20. From 2015- Now, Key Technology China Limited's products  cover over than 160 countries in Global Market. 



Key Technology (China) Limited offers the comfortable daily customer service, professional technical support, and reliable after service etc. We try our best to supply the super quality products with reasonable price and quick delivery to all of our customers in the global markets, and all the products can be only delivered after 100% inspection.

After Service

Key Technology (China) Limited only offer the following Warranty Repair and Services except those authorized formal documents in written form. Any other warranty repair and services in non-written form is regarded as unauthorized warranty by Key Technology (China) Limited., to which Key-Tek is under NO obligation. Remark: Hereinafter Key-Tek refers to Key Technology (China) Limited.


1. Key-Tek offers free replacements for complete products or parts within 90 days:
A. Scope:
a. Hardware damage during shipment.
b. Hardware damage under normal using according to standard operation criterion of Key-Tek.
c. Other defects authorized by Key-Tek.
B. Requirements:
a. Model No. P.O. No. PI No. , Shipment date etc.
b. Provide a detailed description of any defects and cause, including a literal description and picture illustrations.
c. The Original Key-Tek packaging if possible.
C. Key-Tek may refuse to replace the product for any of the following reasons:
a. Without intact Key-Tek label, or serial number has been removed or defaced, or SN cannot be clearly identified from purchaser.
b. Any illegal disassembling, repairing, refitting etc .such as if the products are maintained or modified by any maintainer unauthorized by Key-Tek.
c. If the products are maintained or modified by any maintainer unauthorized by Key-Tek.
d. Any defects that resulted from improper storage or unsuitable working environment.
e. Damage or loss of Key-Tek products because of natural disaster (such as earthquake, fire or flood) or other external causes, social unrest or governmental polices etc.
f. The product or part that has been modified to alter functionality or capability without the written permission of Key-tek.
g. Any lack of components, components damage from purchaser.

KeyTek's responsibility for product defects is limited to repair or replacements service as determined by key-tek in it sole discretion, key-tek is not responsible for direct, special, incidental or consequential damages resulting from any breach of warranty or condition.

2. Replacement Flow:

a. Apply for a valid RMA number from Key-Tek.
b. KeyTek will checks up whether the product is qualifies for a replacement and will responds within one working day via fax or e-mail. (This response is not the final one. If the returned products do not qualify for replacement, Key-Tek has the right not to replace them and the products will be returned to the customer or disposed of under negotiation.)
c. Purchaser should send the defective products, with the original packaging to Key-Tek after obtaining the valid RMA number. Purchaser prepays the freight charge from its local city to ShenZhen, P.R.China.
d. Within 1 week after the receipt of the returned products, Key-Tek will send the replacements to the purchaser. Key-Tek will prepay the freight charge from ShenZhen to purchaser's local city.

3. Relative Explanation:

a. KeyTek will send the returned products without intact label or components back to the address of the purchaser.
b. Purchaser may help KeyTek to find out and diagnose the problem and learn more about the installation local.
c. KeyTek recommends that you return products by reputable freight forwarders in order to avoid damage or loss during shipment.
d. Key-Tek is NOT responsible for any damage or loss of products during shipment.
f. During the warranty replacement period, Key-Tek reserves the ownership of the defective components after replacement.


Factory Information

Market name: North America,South America,Western Europe,Eastern Europe,Eastern Asia,Southeast Asia,Middle East,Africa,Oceania,Worldwide
Contact Person: Mr Henry Chen

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