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About Us


KINGLEADER Technology Company

KINGLEADER TECHNOLOGY COMPANY is a state-level Hi-tech,ISO9001:2015 and ISO13485 certified multifunctional enterprise. We are engaged in the R&D, manufacture, marketing and after-sale service of a wide range of innovative and rugged input devices and self-service terminals.

Our main products include rugged keyboards, rugged keypads, rugged trackballs, rugged touch pads, touchscreen kiosks,iPad stand,tablet stand etc., which are widely used in such industries as banking, finance, telecommunication, manufacturing, aviation, public safety, education, medical care, government, military and other harsh environments.

Moreover, the following parts are included in our business range as well.

- Offering OEM and ODM manufacture of related or similar products to customers.

- Building/machining Prototype for industrial products that are still in designing process.

- Building injection tools/molds for industrial plastic products that are released for mass production,and supplying molded plastic products.

- Building die-casting tools/molds for industrial aluminum products that are release for mass production,and supplying die-casted aluminum products.

- Building tools/molds for industrial silicone products that are release for mass production,and supplying molded silicone products.

- Building tools/molds for industrial stainless steel products that are release for mass production,and supplying stamped or laser-cut stainless steel products


We boast a group of experienced engineers and technicians who have diversified technical background. Therefore, we can make products according to your samples or ideas,and we can help review your design to make production both workable and more economical.

Superior quality and on-time delivery are the goals we constantly pursue. Customer satisfaction is our goal. For that purpose, we have implemented a stringent QC control system in line with ISO9001:2015. Each product must be tested before shipment.

Thanks to superior quality and good service, our products sell well both at home and abroad. We follow the principle of "cooperation, integrity, mutual trust, mutual benefit". We sincerely welcome inquiries from customers worldwide.

  • China Factory - KINGLEADER Technology Company
  • China Factory - KINGLEADER Technology Company
  • China Factory - KINGLEADER Technology Company
  • China Factory - KINGLEADER Technology Company
  • China Factory - KINGLEADER Technology Company

Basic Information

Company Name: KINGLEADER Technology Company
Business Type: Manufacturer
Employee Number: 120~150
Year Established: 2006
Total Sales Annual: 9Million-10Million
Company Location: 3rd Floor,Zone C,Jin Fu Shun Science Park,Le Zhu Jiao,Huang Ma Bu,Hang Cheng Subdistrict,Bao'an District,Shenzhen,Guangdong,China
Factory Location: 3rd Floor,Zone C,Jin Fu Shun Science Park,Le Zhu Jiao,Huang Ma Bu,Hang Cheng Subdistrict,Bao'an District,Shenzhen,Guangdong,China

Trade & Market

Company slogan:

KINGLEADER Technology Company

Rugged Keyboard/Keypad Expert, We Deliver Dependability and Innovation

OEM Overview:

KINGLEADER have a pool of engineers who have different technical backgrounds (from 

mechanical designing, software programming, automation, electronics to artistic designing) 

and have been working in the industry for years even over two decades, the steps for new 

product development are shown as follows:


1, Understanding your ideas/concepts

If you don’t have any technical drawings and simply some ideas or concepts in your minds, the 

project will begin with understanding how you would like to use your product, and what 

purpose it will serve….etc.


2,Technical designing

Our engineers will work on designing and drawing based on your requirements and specifications.


3,Building tooling/mould

If there is no existing tooling/mould available, then building new tooling/mould is a must.



Once new tooling/mould is completed, we will provide samples to you for your evaluation and 



5, Mass production

After the samples are approved by you, mass production will begin


6,Delivery of finished products

We will deliver finished products to you according to your instructions or provide shipping 

solutions or advices to assist you


7,Technical support and after-sale service

We will provide necessary technical supports and aftersale service to you on the products, let 

you have a peace of mind, no worry, no headache.


For entirely new products, there may be development cost and tooling/mould cost (or called 

NRE fees) depending on specific conditions, your inquiries are welcome, our professional 

staff will get in touch with you for further details and get back proposals to you.


Production Line:

KINGLEADER has the following production lines and/or workshops:

1, Tooling/mold houses that are for plastic mold,silicone mold and die cast mold

2, Workshops for plastic injection,molding silicone parts and die-casting parts.

3, Workshops for making stainless steel parts and sheet metal

4, Assembly workshops for assembling keyboard,keypad,trackball,touchpad,touchscreen kiosk

and ipad/tablet kiosk


KINGLEADER regards R&D as a powerful engine that can make us move faster on the right track

and keep us apart from our competitors.

KINGLEADER invests heavily in recruiting and keeping experienced engineers,creating a

harmonious working environment for them,providing necessary training to them.

Our Team:

KINGLEADER has built up a powerful team consisting of talented people from various fields 

such as R&D, mold-building, manufacturing and marketing, who have been in the industry for 

from a few years even to over two decade. Moreover we have formed a very indestructible and 

long-lasting relationships with our strategic partners and suppliers, which doubtless is another 

important favorable factor contributing to our past, present and future success.  


From its inception KINGLEADER has succinctly stated its corporate philosophy: People-Product-Profit (3P):


People: people is our most valuable asset, our people philosophy means that at 

KINGLEADER we try to create and maintain an environment that brings out the best in our 

most important resource-our people.

Product: We must provide our customers with superior quality products demanded by them, 

or we have no reason to exist.

Profit: Profit is our lifeblood, we must produce a profit to remain in business.


Rationale behind the 3P philosophy is that: Take care of our people, they, in turn, will produce 

superior quality products and deliver the impeccable service demanded by our customers, 

who will reward us with the profitability necessary to secure our future.


People-Product-Profit, these three words are the very foundation of KINGLEADER



Management team: most of them have at least years of working experience in the industry 

and over a decade successful career in management positions in large state-owned 

enterprises and multinational enterprises, making them not only familiarize with the trend of 

development of today’s input devices, but also get closer to international markets.


R&D team: the team consists of talents in mechanical designing, software programming, 

automation, electronics and artistic designing, they all have years even nearly two decade of 

working background in the industry.


Marketing team: they all have years even over a decade of working experience in the 

domestic and international sale of input devices, they are committed and responsive to 

customers’ questions in fastest manner, they are well trained to attentively take care of 

customers’ needs.


Quality control team:they have diversified eductional background and diversified working background as well,most of them had been working in the frontline of manufacturing industry for years even a decade.


Poduction team:most of them are experienced technicians and skilful workers.


Other supporting team:they are well-trained and perform their duty effectively and efficiently


In March,1997,KINGSTAR Technology Co.,Ltd(KINGLEADER’s predecessor) was officially 

registered in Nanshan district,Shenzhen,City,Guangdong Province,it was a metal factory to 

provide precision metal(mainly stainless steel) parts to domestic small and medium enterprises.


By 2000,the number of KINGSTAR’s customers increased to about 300,among them,about 

50 were regular customers,who placed orders almost on monthly basis.


In 2001,KINGSTAR attracted orders from some large-scale state-owned and privately

-owned enterprises.


In 2002,KINGSTAR entered the business of rugged input device,which included metal 

keyboard,metal keypad,metal trackball and metal touchpad etc.Our first batch of customers 

were from the domestic banking industry.


In 2003,our main products were sold to manufacturing and other industries,in which harsh 

environments exist.


And in the year of 2003,KINGSTAR went global through selling its products to and appointed 

distributors in some foreign countries mainly in the North America and Western Europe.


In 2004,KINGSTAR entered the business of touchscreen kiosk that was widely used in the 

industry of banking,transportation and exhibition etc.


By 2005,the number of KINGSTAR’s foreign customers reached about 100,most of them were 

from the North America and Western Europe.


In January,2006,KINGLEADER was officially registered in Nanshan District,Shenzhen City,

Guangdong Province,it took over all of the business of KINGSTAR and with the following 

addition or change in business scope.


-Focal market was strategically shifted from mainly domestic market to mainly international 


-Besides metal keyboard,it would gradually introduce and develop the business of rugged 

keyboards made of other material like plastic,silicone rubber,membrane etc.

-OEM/ODM would be provided,not only completely assembled products but also unfinished 

parts would be supplied based on customer’s specific requirements.


In 2007,KINGLEADER’s business expanded rapidly,our products were sold to 800+ 

customers from over 100 foreign countries,some of them approached us to discuss OEM/ODM projects.


During the years from 2008 to 2010,KINGLEADER was growing steadily and healthily,the 

percentage of sales revenue from its OEM/ODM business was increasing year by year and 

eventually exceeded that from selling standard products in 2010,accounting for 55% of its 

total annual sales revenue.


Early in 2010,KINGLEADER designed and produced metal enclosure/stand for iPAD and tablet

,making it the first one who entered this business.


During the years from 2011 to 2014,KINGLEADER constantly received requests from existing 

and potential customers for OEM/ODM projects,some of which were from the world’s leading 

brands(due to the constraint of NonDisclosure Agreement,their names cannot be revealed 



In November 2014,in order to cater to the need of more space for further expansion,

KINGLEADER was relocated from Nanshan district to Bao’an district,Shenzhen city



1. KINGLEADER’s busines includes:


- R&D,manufacture and sale of standard rugged keyboard,rugged keypad,rugged trackball,

  rugged touchpad,touchscreen kiosk and enclosure/stand for iPad/tablet


- OEM/ODM service of rugged keyboard,rugged keypad,rugged trackball,rugged touchpad,

  touchscreen kiosk and enclosure/stand for iPad/tablet


- Custom parts and components of rugged keyboard,rugged keypad,rugged trackball,rugged

  touchpad,touchscreen kiosk and enclosure/stand for iPad/tablet


- Mold-building including mold for making plastic part,mold for making silicone part,mold for 

  making stainless steel part,mold for making aluminum part.



2. KINGLEADER after-sale service(warranty policy):


- Coverage

KINGLEADER warrants that all products are free of defects in material and workmanship, for a

period of one year from the date of delivery. During this period, 

if a product proves to be defective in either materials or workmanship, KINGLEADER will at its 

sole discretion:1) repair the product at no charge to the purchaser with new or refurbished 

replacement parts or 2) exchange the product with a new unit. The warranty of any replacement

unit will be for the balance of time remaining on the original warranty.


- Exclusions from Warranty Coverage

The following is not covered under the KINGLEADER limited warranty:

1) Damage caused by abuse, misuse, or accident 

2) Damage caused by use outside of specified ratings 

3) Damage due to service by anyone who is not an authorized KINGLEADER service provider 

4) Any products modified without the consent of KINGLEADER 

5) Any product that has had the serial number defaced, modified or removed 

6) Damage caused by connection to any other product 

7) Damage arising from improper installation 

8) Damage incurred during installation or removal 

9) Normal wear and tear 

10) Any other cause which does not relate to product defect 

11) Any hardware upgrades after the date of delivery


- Limitation of Liability 

In no event will KINGLEADER be liable for any damages, including,without limitation, lost 

profits, lost business, lost savings, downtime or delay, labor, repair or material cost, injury to 

person or property or other incidental or consequential damages arising out of use of or 

inability to use products manufactured by KINGLEADER

Limited warranty service may be obtained by returning the product during warranty period to 

KINGLEADER’s facility. Purchaser agrees to pay shipping charges and to either insure the 

product or assume the liability for loss or damage when sending the defective material.After 

repair/replacement,KINGLEADER will send the repaired or replaced product back to the 

purchaser’s facility at KINGLEADER’s own account.


Important Notice:This warranty policy will supersede any previous warranty policy 

issued by KINGLEADER

Factory Information

Market name: North America,South America,Western Europe,Eastern Europe,Eastern Asia,Southeast Asia,Middle East,Africa,Oceania,Worldwide
Contact Person: Mr Dicky Chen

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